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Turn on your computer sound for videos. Video commercials can be found under other link categories such as restaurants, stores, entertainment, etc.

Arial Video of Bridgeport   
From Digital Globe

Art Fest at the Nest 2011 
Last look at the Nest Art Factory

Aztec Dancers in Bridgeport   
At Iglesia de San Raphael

Black Rock Parade 2008 Video Part 1
Also see parts 2, 3, and 4

Black Rock Parade 2010  

Absence: A Pleasure Beach Short Film

ACELA Express at Bridgeport Station   

Another Quiet Night in Black Rock
Video on the noisy construction on Fairfield Ave. in 2007

Ash Creek Bridge Bridge Protest Video
Which was thankfully defeated !

Ash Creek Winter Wildlife Video
Quite beautiful !

BMW Bridgeport Commercial
Who knew our city was so beautiful !

BPT Rant
Video rants about BPT

Barnum Parade 2007 Video

Barnum Museum Video

Beardsley Zoo Wolves Video

Beardsley Zoo Birth of Baby Ocelot 2008 Video

Bepo Police on their Segways Video

Black Rock School Video  

BMW Spinouts in the Snow    
Winter fun in DaPort

Bobby Dogs
Our very own feature film

Boss Kal In Bridgeport Video
Haitian Hip Hop In Bridgeport

Brewster Street Condos Protest Video

Bridgeport - A Movie ?
without a plot...

Bridgeport Anthem Video
Young Souljahs' BPT answer to JaRule's "New York"

Bridgeport Orators Vintage Baseball Video

Bridgeport Commercial 2010    
Surprise, It's Bridgeport

Bridgeport Commercial with then Mayor Joe Gamin

Bridgeport: 100 Years in Ten Minutes Video  

Bridgeport: The Early Years   

Slide show of old postcards

Bridgeport: Then and Now    
Old image with new photo

Bruce Springsteen in Bridgeport Video

At Harbor Yard Summer 2005

Cape Verdean Festival       

Central High Fight Club Video
The best way to fight...

City Council Fight 5/10  

City Council member Angel DePara Jr. & Cecil Young

Crime in Bepo Video

A Taser in the Hood

Cruising Late at Night
A unique look at our streets

Death Before Dishonor    NEW
Michael Daly video on The Pawn Broker

Discover Downtown Bridgeport    

A commercial for swingin' downtown

Elephant Parade in Bridgeport     

Every year when the circus comes to town

Family Guy on Bridgeport    

A funny commentary on our fair town

Fayerweather Island & Penfield Reef   

Fire Dancers Downtown   
Bridgeport is a hot town

Fight at Central High     
Lots of Bport HS bangouts on YouTube

Extreme Home Makeover in Bepo Video

Gathering of the Vibes 2009   

Hippies come to Seaside Park

Gathering of the Vibes 2010    
Hippies come to Seaside Park again

Gallery at Black Rock Video
No longer, now 305 Knowlton Gallery

Graffiti Art in Bepo
Hip Hop culture in Baby New York

Greater Bridgeport Youth Symphony Orchestra    
Lots of video performances here

Greek Festival Dancing    
Ethnicity of Bridgeport at its best

Halloween Parade in Black Rock Video    

Havah Negila  

Grupo de Danza de la Congregacion de Yahweh

Historic Post Cards of Black Rock

See more old postcards under "History" Links

Hood Riders Video    

Jesusland - St. Margaret's Shrine
A different look at the shrine by artist Michael Raleigh.
Also see his web site www.michaelraleigh.com for more.

Keith Rodgerson's Promotional Bpo Commercial

Kryin Voices by Lasmouve  

Dedicated to those lost to Bridgeport gun violence

Majestic Theater      
What a loss !  From www.newenglandruins.com 

Merritt Canteen Theme Song Contest     

Monk Parakeet Invasion
Not in my neighborhood yet... SQUAAKKK 

Movie Filming Downtown    
Guns fired on Steven Segal movie set

Obama Speech Oct. 2010    
Election Rally at Arena at Harbor Yard

Obama Comes to Bridgeport Oct. 2010   
News report on rally

Osprey Injured at Pleasure Beach    

Paranormal Activities in Old Bepo Theaters
Ghosts in old places

Park City Pride Drum & Bugle Corps Performance

Park City Pride Drum & Bugle Corps Drumline

Pleasure Beach Videos:
Ghost Beach
   Pleasure Beach vision by artist Michael Raleigh

Pleasure Beach 2007
   Beautiful video about a lost place
Pleasure Beach Movie Trailer
   Blair Witch Project comes to Bepo
Pleasure Beach Movie Trailor
   For a movie never made
Pleasure Beach Photos 2008 Part 1
Pleasure Beach Photos 2008 Part 2
History of Pleasure Beach 2012
Pleasure Beach
   From Michael Daly's Bridgeport

Poetz Realm Poetry Reading    
See other Poetz Realm readings on You Tube

P.T. Barnum Video
Fun Video about the Barnum Sensibility

P.T. Barnum Sculpture Video 

P.T. Barnum Housing in 1974  

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2009    
Also see Part 2

Remington Arms Ghosts    
Part one of TV's Ghost Adventures

Remington Arms  

Rick Torres Campaign Video 2010    

River of Bees     
Pleasure Beach scenes to WS Merwin poem

Seaside Park Video 
The beauty of Bridgeport

Seaside Park recreation   

Seaside Park In Winter
Sped-up driving tour

Seaside Park Cleanup 2010 Video 
With Save The Sound

Seaside Park Skatepark  

Seaside Park Shark  

Stone Deaf God - St. Margaret's Shrine
A haunting look at the shrine by artist Michael Raleigh

Tacky Cowboy Christmas in Bridgeport

It's a Bridgeport Buckaroo Christmas by artist
Michael Raleigh

Take Back the Night Walk      
Block watch walk for street safety

Times Square Bomber's Bridgeport Apt Raid Video    

Tornado Winds    
2010 tornado video, more on YouTube

Tornado Aftermath     
2010 damage downtown

University of Bridgeport History    

Lots of history at the university

Vines and Vignettes      
Black Rock garden tour 2010

Voodo in Bridgeport News Video    

Washington Park Revitalization Video
The start of the renovation of the park's Victorian houses.

Other Fun Bridgeport Stuff

Bridgeport Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, etc.
Stuff for sale  

Bridgeport Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge !

Monk Parakeet Information   

With links to more info

Reviews of Bridgeport Places
On yelp.com by average folks reviewing restaurants,
stores, entertainment venues and more !

Surefire Ways to Tell If You Are From Bridgeport
Also see the kids' version "You Know You From BPT When"
in our "Things To Know" section

Wildlife List for Seaside Park    
Interesting comprehensive list of flora & fauna