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Bridgeport In The Know

Bridgeport Streets and Places Photos

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Downtown Welcome

The Arcade

Acoustic Cafe

Arena at Harbor Yard

Ash Creek

Aspira Center

Barnum Museum

Barnum Statue 1

Barnum Statue 2

Barnum's Grave

Beardsley Park

Beardsley Zoo Greenhouse

Beardsley Park 1

A violent town

Black Rock Yacht Club

Black Rock Beach

Bluefish at Harbor Yard

Bridgeport Center

Bridgeport-Pt. Jefferson Ferry

Captain's Cove 1

Captain's Cove 2

Captain's Cove

Captain's Cove 3

Captain's Cove cute shops

HMS Bounty Visits Captain's Cove

Beardsley Zoo Carousel

Cathedral of St. Augustine

City Hall Annex

City Hall

Court Building

City Seal 1

Downtown Main Street


Enterprise Zone

East End

Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course

East Side

Entrance to Black Rock Harbor

Fayerweather Lighthouse 3

Fayerweather Lighthouse 3

Fayerweather Lighthouse 4

Fayerweather Lighthouse

Former Mayor John Fabrizi

Old GE-Remington Arms Factory

Golden Hill

Graffiti Art 1

Graffiti Art 2

Harborview Market in Black Rock

The Hollow

Holy Ghost Church

Holy Trinity Church

St. Vincent Medical Center

Housatonic Community College

Klein Memorial Auditorium

Monk Parakeet

Skating Rink

North Bridgeport

North End

Old Carousel at Pleasure Beach


Sunflowers, official city flower

Pear Tree, official city tree

McLevy Hall

Mechanics & Farmers Savings Bank

On The Ferry

St. Mary's By The Sea 1

St. Mary's in Winter

St. Mary's By The Sea 2

Visualization of Possible Steel Pointe

South End

St. Mary's By The Sea 3

Tom Thumb's Grave

Tonque Light

United Illuminating, our landmark

The United Illuminating smokestack

can be seen from everywhere !

People's Bank

Bluefish Stadium at Harbor Yard

Whiskey Hill

Klein Memorial Auditorium

Gathering of the Vibes

Gathering of the Vibes