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Black Rock History  

Black Rock Profile
Good article from Wind Check Magazine

Black Rock Harbor Cruise

Bridgeport Info from answers.com

Bridgeport Rank as Best Place to Live
Article from Money Magazine

Bridgeport info and stats from yawki.org

Bridgeport Data
From city-data.com

Bridgeport profile from Country Living
Good profile of BPT

Bridgeport Top Ten
From cityspur.com

City Guide to Bridgeport    
Stores & services by neighborhood

City Profile from epodunk.com
Excellent city profile with lots of links

Crime Statistics 2006   

Map of Bridgeport
From Map Quest

Neighborhood Profiles

Excellent look at the Hollow, North End, etc.

Neighborhoods of Bridgeport
From the city's website

                         Books About Bridgeport

by Sue DelBianco

Bridgeport At Work Images of Am.
by Mary Witkowski

Bridgeport Baseball
By Michael Bielawa

Bridgeport On The Sound 
by Mary Witkowski & Bruce Williams

Bridgeport Postcards
by Andrew Pehanick

Bridgeport Postcards Download  
33 pages of the book here by Andrew Pehanick

Bridgeport: Tales from the Park City
by Eric Lehman

Bridgeport: Scenes of America
by M. Witkowki and B. Williams

Chased: Alone, Black & Undercover
by Billy Chase & Lennie Grimaldi

Fireground Images   
by Keith Muritori

A History of CT's Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe    
by Charles Brilvitch

Only In Bridgeport: An Illustrated History
by Lennie Grimaldi

Ten Fun Things To Do In Bridgeport    
 Ebook by Eric Hemstreet

The Sikorsky Legacy Images of Aviation Book
by Sergei Sikorsky

A Walking Tour of Bridgeport   
Ebook by Doug Gelbert

Walking Through History: The Seaports of Black Rock & Southport    
by Charles Brilvitch. Available at Fairfield History Museum.