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Bridgeport In The Know

Songs about Bridgeport CT

Bridgeport In The Know has collected 18 songs about Bridgeport listed below.
For most,we have a video or recording. Turn up your sound and enjoy. For some,
we are still seeking a recording. If you can help us find recordings or if you know
of any other songs about Bridgeport, please let us know

Bridgeport: I am longing for you
   for you’re a grand old town

Music by J. F. Ryan
Words by J.F, Smith
1915    Recording needed

By James Verdi
1922    Recording needed

Bridgeport By The Sea
Written & sung by Vaughn DeLeath
1936     Video

Bridgeport By The Sea 
Sung by, additional verse & arrangement by Tom Callinan
© from Connecticut Grown CD

Bridgeport By The Sea 
Sung by Tony D
New lyrics by Jeff Williams
2011    Hear It Here

It's a Bridgeport Day for Barnum
Sung by Jenny Lind contest winner,
     Estella Munson
Written by Jim Miranti
1957     Recording needed

The Spirit of Bridgeport
Written by R.G. Cole and J.M. Klohr
1957     Recording needed

Long Live Bridgeport
For Bridgeport’s 125th Anniversary
Words and music by Helen Glasgow
Recording needed

Bridgeport Song
Sung by The Uncle Chick Band
circa 1980    Video

The Bridgeport Song

Written and sung by Chaz and AJ
2003     Hear it here

Bridgeport My Choice, My Home

Written and sung by Jeanette Harris
2004     Recording needed

Bridgeport Anthem
Written and sung by Yung Souljahs 
2006     Video

Written by Pat Lattin 
Performed by the Pat Lattin Band
2006    Hear it here

Asked You Twice
Written & performed by
Alternate Routes 
2008     Video

Reach: Central High School
Theme Song

By Sheena Graham & Kentrell Ragin
2009     Video

Bridgeport Anthem

Written and performed by K.R. The Rapper 
2010     Video

Bridgeport Anthem
Written and performed By Yung Hof 
2010     Here it here

I Represent The City
Written and performed by Bori Puro
featuring Sose & Tut Diggz 
2011     Video

Bridgeport State of Mind #1
Performed by Tre-z
2011     Video

Bridgeport State of Mind #2

Written & created by the YouthINC staff of RYASAP
Performed by Christian Shaboo & Charlotte Elise Collins
2011     Video


Sose & Tut Diggz





Vaughn DeLeath

Barnum Festival Song Contest 1957

Tom Callinan

Central High School Choir

Yung Souljahs

Pat Lattin