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Over 1,000 Bridgeport photos from 16 different photographers.

Photographs of Bridgeport (300)    
     From Panoramio - Photos of the World

Around the Town - a different perspective (187)
     By Brian McGloin

Around the Town (185)
     By Michael Golrick

Beach Scenes (12)
     By emmett unlimetted

Beardley Park Zoo (23)
     By Richard Murkland

Beardsley Zoo Animals (55)
     By Sharon Holt

Downtown (25)
     By Peter Elk

Downtown artistically (102)
     By Panto M.I.M.E.

Downtown photos and photos of film shoots (184)
     Great photos by miclush826

Jim Dougherty's Connecticut (370)    
Majestic Theater
     Great photos by miclush826

Pleasure Beach (167)
     By shleephoto aka Ashley

Seaside Park Monuments (13)
     By Dave Pelland

Strange photos (23)
     House on Seaview Avenue & other photos by Noah GL