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Famous Bridgeportians

People associated with Bridgeport, Connecticut who achieved great public distinction, listed in the category for which they are best known: This list compiled from Wikipedia and by members of "Bridgeport In the Know."


* Major Robert Anderson, commander of Ft. Sumpter when the Civil War began
* Commodore Isaac Chauncey, commander of American naval forces on
the Great Lakes during the War of 1812
* William Hincks, Medal of Honor recipient
* John Mackenzie, Medal of Honor recipient
* Henry A. Mucci, led the raid that rescued survivors of the Bataan Death March in World War II
Government service

* Robert De Forest, Mayor, Congressman
* Robert A. Hurley (1895-1968), Connecticut Governor (first Roman Catholic to hold that office in Connecticut)
* Samuel Simons, (1792-1847) was a United States Representative from Connecticut.
* James Coughlin Shannon, (1896-1980) Connecticut Governor
* Roswell B. Mason, Mayor of Chicago during the Great Fire of 1871
* Charles S. Sanford, founder of the town of Sanford, FL (where the AutoTrain lets you off)
* Christopher Shays, Fourth District Congressman
Entertainers, artists, writers

* P.T. Barnum, circus owner, entrepreneur and mayor of Bridgeport
* Art Baron, jazz trombonist
* Richard Belzer, actor & comedian who once worked as a CT Post reporter
* Mimi Benzell, Metropolitan Opera soprano
* Al Capp, cartoonist famous for comic strip of Li'l Abner
* Adrianna Caselotti, the voice of Snow White
* Joseph Celli, oboist
* Myles Cleveland, rapper and a member of the R&B group 2 Much
* Bob Crane, actor in Hogan's Heroes, was radio host WICC-AM 1950-55
* Fanny Crosby, blind 19th-century hymn writer
* Vernon Dalhart, singer, songwriter
* Brian Dennehy, actor
* "Superman" Jay Harrison, his brother, "Shockin'" Shaun Harrison, and cousin Jacques "Jock" Harrison, all from Bridgeport, formed Skinny Boys, a popular, early Rap group in the 1980s, and the first in the state.
* Johnny Ice, professional wrestler
* Arline Judge, actress
* Walt Kelly, cartoonist
* Jin Hi Kim, geomungo player and composer
* Larry Kramer, playwright and gay rights activist
* Paul Leka, whose 'band' STEAM gave the world the immortal 'Na Na
Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye'
* John Mayer, singer-songwriter born in Bridgeport, grew up in Fairfield
* Robert Mitchum, actor
* Tony Musante, actor
* Kevin Nealon, comedian and actor
* John Ratzenberger, entertainer
* Bill Smitrovich, actor
* General Tom Thumb (Charles Stratton), performer, little person
* Vinnie Vincent, guitarist (KISS)
* Deborah Walley, actress
* Michael Jai White, actor

Inventors and scientists

* Waldo G. Bryant, inventor of the push-pull toggle light switch
* Warren R. Briggs, inventor of the baseball catcher's mask
* Charles 'Sport' Campagna, inventor of the nutcracker
* Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine
* Simon Lake, inventor of the modern submarine
* Edward Land, inventor of the Polaroid camera
* Louis Latimer, Inventor
* Charles F. Ritchel, inventor
* Igor Sikorsky, inventor of the helicopter
* Thomas P. Taylor, inventor of the automatic baseball-stitching device
* Gustave Whitehead, inventor
Business people

* Fred DeLuca, founder of Subway
* Andrew Hidalgo, founder of WPCS International Incorporated
* Edwin H. Land, founder of Polaroid Corporation
* Alicia Calaway, T.V Reality Show star. Appeared on Survivor: Australian Outback, and also, Survivor: All-Stars
* Joseph Celli, oboist
* Edward Cardinal Egan, former Roman Catholic bishop of Bridgeport, now heads the Archdiocese of New York
* Alfred Fones, dental hygienist pioneer
* Chris Gill, sailor and publisher
* Jesse Hawley, who originated the concept of the Erie Canal
* John Hurd, whose destruction of Adirondack Mt. forests gave rise to the Adirondack Forest Preserve
* Theodore D. Judah, who plotted the course of the transcontinental railroad
* Jin Hi Kim, Korean-born komungo player and composer
* Roy Neuberger, art collector and donor
* George and Charles Palliser, America's most influential pattern-
book architects of the 19th century
* Charles F. Ritchel, who was flying around in a motorized aircraft
in the 1870s and invented the convex amusement park mirror
* Reverend Dr. Frederick J. Streets, former pastor of the Mount Aery Baptist Church, now first Baptist and African-American Chaplain of Yale University and Senior Pastor of the Church of Christ In Yale.
* Salem H. Wales, founder and first editor of the Scientific American magazine


Baseball players
* Howard Francis Baker, Major League baseball player with Chicago White Sox, New York Giants
* Cornelius "Neal" Ball, credited with first unassisted triple play in the major leagues
* George Bryant, MLB player, played for Detroit Wolverines
* George James Curry, Major League baseball player also known as Soldier Boy
* George "Kiddo" Davis, who in 1933 World Series against the Washington Nationals, had 7 hits, and batted .368, helping the New York Giants win the championship
* Rob Dibble, or Robert Keith Dibble (Nasty Boy or Officer) pitched for Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, and Milwaukee Brewers for seven seasons total
* Angel Echevarria, played in National League for Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago Cubs for a total of seven seasons. Echevarria also signed with the hometown Bluefish at the beginning of the 2006 season.
* Ray Keating, or Raymond Herbert Keating nicknamed Ray pitching for the New York Highlanders, New York Yankees, and Boston Braves in the MLB
* Kurt Kepshire, or Kurt David Kepshire graduated from the University of New Haven, drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in twenty-fifth round of 1979 draft pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals for three seasons
* Billy Lush, or William Lucas Lush a major-league player for seven seasons playing for Washington Senators, Boston Beaneaters, Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Naps
* Ernie Lush, or Ernest Benjamin Lush a major-league player played a single year in the MLB with the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League
* Charles Nagy, MLB pitcher, pitched 13 seasons for Cleveland Indians and one for the San Diego Padres for a total of 14 in the MLB.
* Phillip Nastu, graduated from the University of Bridgeport, and was signed by the San Francisco Giants to pitch as a free agent in 1976 for a total of three seasons
* Tricky Nichols, or Frederick C. Nichols pitched in the MLB for Boston Red Caps, St. Louis Brown Stockings, Providence Grays, Worcester Ruby Legs and Baltimore Orioles for five years total in the MLB
* James Henry O'Rourke, The Orator," played Major League ball from 1872-1893, posting a lifetime .311 batting average, inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame 1945, first player to be credited with a hit and single in a professional baseball game
* John Paul Papa, graduated from the University of Bridgeport pitching two years in the MLB for the Baltimore Orioles
* Mike Pasquella, or Michael John Pasquella (Toney) graduated from Villanova played for major-league teams Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals
* John 'Pretzel' Pezzullo, pitched two years i the MLB for the Philadelphia Phillies
* Ed Rowen, played for the Boston Red Caps, and Philadelphia Athletics over three years in the MLB
* Dan Shannon, or Daniel Webster Shannon played for the Louisville Colonels, Philadelphia Quakers, the New York Giants, the Washington Senators over three years in the MLB
* Johnny Tillman, or John Lawrence Tillman (Ducky) pitched for the St. Louis Browns in American League
* Edward David Wojna, or Ed Wojna pitching three years for the San Diego Padres and one year for the Cleveland Indians
Basketball players
* John Bagley, went to Warren Harding High in Bridgeport, drafted into the NBA in 1982 by the Cleveland Cavaaliers playing for eleven seasons in the NBA
* Manute Bol, professional player drafted to NBA 1983 in round five and 1985 in round two, playing 9 years in NBA. Dinka tribesman from Sudan, played College Basketball at the University of Bridgeport for one year before getting drafted in the NBA.
* Jack Kvancz, Basketball player and current Director of Athletics at The George Washington University.
* Wes Matthews, went to Harding High in Bridgeport, played in NBA for Washington Bullets, Atlanta Hawks twice in career, Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio, and Los Angeles Lakers
* Frank Oleynick, native of Bridgeport nicknamed "Magic" played two years for NBA in Seattle

Other athletes
* Joseph Booth, Pro Soccer Hall of Famer
* Victor K. Ross, Lacrosse Hall of Famer; graduate of Bridgeport High   School, Syracuse University, and Syracuse Law School
* Sidney Wood, tennis player who won at Wimbledon in 1931 and made it to the Davis Cup finals in 1934.