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Bridgeport Police Department Locations

This listing below is the most up-to-date list of police contacts that I acquired
by contacting my police sources.  Please be aware that much of the information
on the Police Dept. pages of the City of Bridgeport web site is very old and wrong.

Headquarters   300 Congress St
Information Desk 203-581-5100
Chief of Police  Joseph Gaudett, 203-581-5111, Joseph.Gaudett@bridgeportct.gov
HQ includes Booking Area, Detective Bureau, Narcotics and Vice, Permits, Records
Division, Accident/Incident Reports and other offices and divisions.

The City was divided into three divisions in 2011.
See below for an excellent map outlining the divisions.

Central Division
300 Congress St
Office at HQ 203-581-5150
Division Commander: Capt. Douglas Stolze, 203-581-5160, douglas.stolze@bridgeportct.gov
Pequannock River to Park Avenue, and Route 95 to Trumbull Line

West Division
300 Congress St
Division Commander Captain Brian McCarthy, 203-581-5162, brian.mccarthy@bridgeportct.gov
West of Park Avenue to Fairfield town line and north to Trumbull town line, also
west of Pequannock River below Route 95

East Division
300 Congress St
Division Commander: Captain Robert Gearing, 203-581-5161, robert.gearing@Bridgeportct.gov
East Main Street Post 1335 East Main St, no phone number.
Stratford Avenue Post 1149 Stratford Ave 203-332-9095
Substations do not have regular staffed hours. To schedule an appointment to discuss a
concern, contact the commander.
West of Pequannock River to Housatonic River, and Stratford town line
to Trumbull town line

Other Police Department Offices and Locations

Alarm Registration, 45 Lyon Terrace, 203-332-3026
Registration services for any home or business alarm system. 

Mounted Unit, Seaside Park, 203-576-8082
This is the horse barn down at Seaside.  Tours of the barn
can be arranged.|

Traffic Division, 1354 State Street, 203-576-7640
Follow-up on Hit and Run Investigations and other Traffic related matters. 

Training Division, 405 Newfield Ave, 203-576-8332
Police Officer training. Meeting location for Police Explorers
Group and Young Adult Police Commissioners.

Community Services 1395 Sylvan Av 203-576-8278
Block watch safety program, and victim assistance.

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