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Bridgeport In The Know

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

A good list of BPT restaurants
Hundreds, most without web sites

Azul Restaurant and Churrascaria    

Burger Joints In Bridgeport    

Reviews of Bridgeport Restaurants
At yelp.com, also reviews of other
Bpo places by average folks

Acoustic Cafe
Food and entertainment

Amici Miei Cafe    
Italian Food

American Steak House    

Ash Creek Saloon

Bereket Turkish Deli 

B Line Bar and Grill Video Ad  

Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club    NEW
aka B.R.Y.A.C.

Bloodroot Restaurant

Vegetarian feminist restaurant

Brennan's Shebeen
Irish pub in Black Rock

Brennan's Shebeen Video Ad    

Carmelina's Restaurant   
Mediterranean cuisine

Club Azur Video Ad 

Club Cautious
Christian Night Club

Club Lo Video Ad

Club Sixx
On East Main Street

Coyote Flaco
Mexican food

Daybreak Doughnuts Video Ad   

Dolphin Cove Restaurant & Marina    

Seafood and Boats

El Pueblito   
Columbian food

El Pueblito Video Ad   

Eperney Bistro Restaurant
Bistro and wine bar

Frankie's Diner    

Green Gourmet To Go   
In Black Rock

Gofer Ice Cream  
In the Arcade

Golden Krust
Caribbean bakery & grill on State Street

Harborview Market
Neighbors and good food

Joseph's Steakhouse  
Steak and cigars

Julio's Pizzeria  

Luigi's Bakery
Italian pastry

Merritt Canteen
Dogs & burgers

Miss Thelma's     
Southern cooking

Miss Thelma''s Video Ad     

Mystique Gentlemen's Club Video Ad

Mystique Gentlemen's Club - Shyla Styles Video Ad   
Strip club

Neutral Ground       
Bar with music in Black Rock

Omanel Restaurant
Portuguese food

Omanel Restaurant Video Ad  

Pantanal Restaurant    

Brazilian food

P1 Natural Juice & Snack Bar  

Port Coffeehouse
In Black Rock

Bridgeport Downtown Quiznos

Ralph 'n' Rich's
Italian food

Ralph 'n' Rich's Video Ad   

Ray Kelly's Pub

Black Rock bar with music

Restaurant Ramirez  
Dominican & Puerto Rican Caribbean food

Rita's of Bridgeport
Ice Cream

Ruby IIs Strip Club

Salt and Pepper Restaurant Video Ad 

Snappy Dawgs   NEW

Downtown food truck

Southern Slam Video Ad    
Soul Food Take-out

Strip Clubs in Bridgeport  
List and Reviews


Spanish and Italian

Cupcakes in the Arcade

Taco Loco
Mexican restaurant

Testo's Ristorante    
Italian food and banquets

The Field Restaurant
Irish food and bar

Timothy's Ice Cream
In Black Rock

Dogs, burgers, fries, etc.

Tony's Huntington Inn
Italian food and bakery

Tony's Huntington Inn Video Ad   

Tuscany Ristorante    
Italian food

Two Boots
Pizza and music

Two Boots Video Ad  

Vazzy's Brick Oven    
Italian food

Vazzy's Brick Oven Video Ad    

Viale Ristorante
Italian food

Viale Ristorante Video Ad   

Viva Cantina                          
Mexican grill and bar