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How to make complaints
about rude police phone dispatchers
or poor police response time to your call:

Every call to the police is recorded so that it can be retrieved, so if you make a complaint state the date and  time you called in. It is also helpful to get the operatorís number.  Police Chief Gaudett is concerned about these problems, contact him with your complaint at, 203-581-5111.  Also contact Doree Price who is the Director of the Public Safety Communications Center at, 203-579-3811.  You should also copy your division commander and your neighborhood block watch committee.

Another way to make your complaint is to file a City Service Request through the City's web site. This system forwards your email to the appropriate city employee and tracks your request to provide accountability for a response and action. You can also ask a question and request a service such as trash pickup or pothole repair with this system. Click here to make a City Service Request.

How to make a formal complaint against a specific police officer:

To make a formal complaint, go to police headquarters at 300 Congress Street and ask the Front Desk Officer for a form to make a Citizens Complaint against an officer.  This can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The officer will give you the form, which is easy to complete. Here is a copy of the complaint form  of it you could print out.  A citizen has 60 days from the date of the incident to make a complaint.

When you return the completed form to the Front Desk Officer, they will call a Sergeant up to the Front Desk, and they will swear you to the report and write an incident report to show that you did in fact come in to make a complaint. You will be given a copy of all paper work.

The reports/complaint is then sent to the Internal Affairs Division.  They will then either investigate the complaint or send it back to the officerís commanding supervisor to do the investigation.  You will be contacted again by the supervisor or investigator doing the investigation. There is also a time limit on how long the investigation can take before it is closed out which you would be made aware of. 

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