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How to Report Anonymously

to The Bridgeport Police

Some people in Bridgeport are concerned about remaining anonymous when they report to the police. They are afraid of some retaliation from criminals that live in their neighborhood.  This is often a real fear.  In general it is always best to give your name and address and phone number to the police. But if you are afraid, here is how you can remain anonymous when contacting the police and still be helpful to the police and protect your street.

 Calling 911:  If you dial 911 to report a crime in progress or an emergency, it is important that you give your name and address.  Even if you do not, any phone number you call in on is logged by whatever call center receives the call, and you can be identified that way.  

 Calling the suspicious activity phone number:  When you call the police number 203-576-7671 to report suspicious activity, you can tell the person on the phone that you do not want to give your name and address. However, it can be important for you to give the operator your name and address in case they do need to get in touch with you. You can also tell them you do not want the police to come to your house because you are afraid of the neighbor. Although your phone number is logged in, your name and address are not automatically accessed. 

 Reporting to iWatchBridgeport:  You can report anonymously to the Bridgeport phone and web site app called iWatchBridgeport. You can put the address of the problem, but you do not have to put your name and address. Click here for details on iWatchBridgeport.

  Reporting to Test-A-Tip: You can report anonymously to the police Text-A-Tip program. You'll receive a tipster alias id # that identifies your message. The police will be able to text you back to your id # to ask further questions if necessary, but all communication is anonymous. Click here for details on Text-A-Tip.

 Reporting to your Block Watch street captain or coordinator:  You can be assured that any report you make to your block watch captain or coordinator will always remain anonymous. 

Do not be afraid of reporting things that you see to the police. 
It is the only way to have a safe street !

For more information on how to report crimes and
suspicious activity to the Bridgeport Police, click here.