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elcome to Bridgeport In The Know - the only independent online web site about Bridgeport, Connecticut. It’s the best free fun place to find out everything about Bridgeport. Everything you need to know about your city is just a click away at Bridgeport In The Know, the most inclusive web site about Bridgeport. 

This site has the most complete collection of web sites and information about the city. There are over 800 working links from stores, entertainment, videos, books, articles, social services, to history, politics, and restaurants, all in Bridgeport...all in one place. Also lots of fun links to Bridgeport videos, merchandise and songs.  

One of the most important sections here is Crime and Safety in Bridgeport with all the phone numbers and resources you will need to keep safe in Bridgeport. The site also contains hundreds of Bridgeport photos ranging from contemporary downtown to Seaside Park at sunset to historic photographs.  

Bridgeport in the Know also has a popular Facebook page with daily listings of Bridgeport news, events and chat about the Park City.  Join over 900 neighbors, merchants, politicians, artists, and some colorful Bridgeport characters, and talk to your city on our Facebook page.  

Bridgeport In The Know also sponsors another Facebook page called Black Rock Bitches all about the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport.

We also have an occasional radio segment on WICC 600AM Radio on Coffee Break Chat with host Mike Bellamy on different Bridgeport topics.

Frustrated not knowing what’s going on in Bridgeport ?  This is the web site for you. For local chat and discussion or just to have all city info in one place, Bridgeport In The Know is the place to be. Everything you need to know about your city is just a click away.

Now is the time to explore Bridgeport In The Know.  

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